We’ve been high on the mere thought of the Halloween reboot for over a year now, and Fiends – can I just say I’m about ready for it to be October 19th? Yes, because I really want to see the film – but really, because this weird obsession with every image that drops, every teaser video of Laurie Strode being all sass with a pistol in a weird mannequin graveyard –  ignites this extreme impatience in me that I’m just not cool with.

I love horror movies. But I’m not a tailgater of horror movies. In the age of instant streaming, series hitting all episodes at once, and VOD – we’ve grown accustomed to movies coming to us. Arriving at our fingertips when we request them, only to let them whoosh by while we tour Instagram instead of following the plot.

Not the OG Halloween. For some of us, it evokes simpler times. 1978 – when a slasher film was still a hot new trend that the majority of theatre-going audiences had yet to experience. Michael Myers was revolutionary. Laurie Strode’s plight was arduous, because we had no formula that said she would make it out okay.


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Now, 40 years later, we get to do it again. We get to go back. See what havoc time has wreaked on Laurie and Michael. They’ve been suspended in time since that night, waiting for the opportunity to explore just what the ramifications of that Halloween night attack would be on a small-town 17-year-old girl. (Just ignore the sequels with me for a moment. We’re going new film timeline, people, keep up.)

Now a grandmother, Laurie Strode (Curtis) must confront The Shape one final time. Stakes are high with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and daughter Karen’s (Judy Greer) lives on the line.

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In the horror world, I’m still considered a baby. All the “classics” of the genre existed before my parents were like “Hey, maybe we should have a third one?”.  I discovered horror retroactively – sneaking the ends of movies at 11pm on mute on my bedroom tv, bribing my sister to let me watch one while she babysat me. This is my first Halloween release. I was nine when H20 came out.

So –  I am all aboard the hype train. A kind of hype train that hasn’t existed in our smartphone-obsessed, content-crazed, avocado toast eating world. Maybe Halloween can remind us all how much we really love movies again? In a way we haven’t in a while?

Halloween (2018) is directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express). It is written by Green, alongside Danny McBride, and Jeff Fradley. John Carpenter scored the film.

Halloween hits theaters on October 19th. Let us know what you thought about the latest trailer in the socials below!