One of my favorite elements of David Gordon Green’s Halloween was the menacing portrayal of Michael Myers. Now 40 years older, Myers remains an enigma – both to the characters of the film, and us, the audience. Throughout the film – and particularly the opening sequence, Green tantalizes horror fans with near-glimpses of the man behind the mask.

We catch aged, fair, weathered skin. We catch scars and blemishes, long-ago wounds that only the super-fan could place. We almost.. barely.. so nearly – see James Jude Courtney; the man who portrays Michael Myers (alongside Halloween (1978) alumni Nick Castle).


Halloween has been out for a few weeks now, and judging by the box office numbers– you’ve definitely seen the film already. But, it should be said- the image below is a spoiler. Not in that it’ll spoil the film, but it will definitely spoil the illusion the film creates.

We never see The Shape in his entirety. That is, until this behind-the-scenes photo from the make-up room on the set of Halloween popped up on reddit this week. Are you ready? Behold!


halloween 2018 james jude courtney


How cool is that gnarly eye scarring? The Shape 2018 is pretty much just the South Bend Shovel Slayer from Home Alone, amiright? “The salt.. turns the bodies.. into mummies.”

I’m now really wishing they added the age factor more into the physicality of the character. An unpopular opinion I’m sure, but I would have loved some slow-moving stair climbs or sciatic nerves acting up. I’m just saying, if Jamie Lee Curtis can champion 50+ females dominating at the box office, I think dear Mikey should be able to represent the aging Serial Killer population. Surely they were all baby boomers, right? They’re definitely nearing retirement.

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