The creepypasta fad is becoming more popular as the internet grows and becomes more accessible to people. Slenderman went on to have his own feature-length film, The Soviet Sleep Experiment is just on the horizon and, of course, there was (until very recently) Channel Zero. Well it looks like the next big thing, the Momo Challenge, will be getting the same treatment with her own film.

Deadline got the scoop on the viral hoax turned international sensation and its progression towards theaters. Orion Pictures and Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment are teaming up with producer Taka Ichise to bring the terrifying statue back into the spotlight. The creepypasta became famous when Kim Kardashian posted the photo on social media warning parents that Momo subliminally appeared in Youtube videos telling their children to commit suicide and to hurt one another. Obviously, Youtube assured the public that this was a false statement. 


Lee and Ichise have worked together before, bringing some of the most terrifying movies to life, including The Grudge and The Ring franchises. Lee also was a producer for the highest-grossing horror movie, IT (2017) which has its sequel coming up this September. No doubt these two know how to make a scary movie. 

The Momo statue was originally created by Keisuke Aiso as part of a Japanese gallery exhibit in 2016 with the original title being “Mother Bird”, based on a piece of Japanese folklore known as the Ubume, which literally translates to a child-snatching bird. This bird also rubs poison on your clothes so when you wear them you will convulse and die. More traditionally the Ubume is portrayed as a woman who has died in childbirth. She wanders around in the rain, bloodied crying for her child. There is no telling which version Lee and Ichise will take because both will be equally terrifying.

Are you excited for the Momo film? Which version do you think they should go for? Let us know on Twitter, in the official NOFS subreddit, and Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club for more horror news and features.


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