MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE Eyed by Sony for Next Adaptation

With production already underway for Venom, Sony looks to continue the horror theme going with a cinematic version of bloodsucker Morbius the Living Vampire.

The character of Morbius was first introduced as an antagonist to Spider-Man in issue #101 (October 1971). Dr Michael Morbius PhD was a character introduced after a ban preventing the comic publication of vampires and other supernatural creatures. Created by Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane, Dr. Morbius was a biochemist searching for a cure to a rare blood disease that he himself was afflicted by. His research led him to experimentation with vampire bats and electroshock therapy. After an experiment gone wrong, Dr. Morbius was changed into a vampirism not unlike that of popular culture. He developed all the strengths of a vampire (along with an ability to fly) but also their weaknesses. He would need to feast on blood to survive and suffers from an aversion to daylight.


Morbius will be, like Venom, leaning into the genre of horror. While Venom will be leading into the Sinister Six film planned from Sony. Morbius like Venom will also be separate from Sony’s newest iterations Spider-Man, having no connection to the web slinger. Being that vampires are primarily a horror property, Morbius has just enough of a unique approach to vampirism that it could be promising to see this adaptation.

Writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama have helmed the script for Morbius the living vampire. Both previously worked on the reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, as well as Dracula Untold. In a recent article from THR, Sharpless and Sazama submitted the script to Sony after a secret development process. Having previous experience working with vampirism, the writers can hopefully provide fiends and comic lovers alike some excitement for this upcoming project.

With no news on casting or production date set, Morbius is still very much “in talks”. In the meantime fans can look forward to Venom to hit screens just before Halloween on October 25, 2018.

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Dave Soliz

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