For a lot of people, Hulu is the place to bing The Handmaiden’s Tale or catch up on Brooklyn 99. But the streaming service has been establishing itself as a home for original horror, with the Stephen King Universe series Castle Rock (2018) and the Blumhouse produced Into the Dark (2018-2019) both premiering last year. 

The body of Hulu horror just got wider with the announcement of North American Lake Monsters, an anthology series based on the Shirley Jackson Award winning short story collection by Nathan Ballingrud. Published in 2013, the nine stories in North American Lake Monsters dive into the desperate depths of the human psyche, where every day people face werewolves, demons, and their own dark nature. As publisher Small Beer Press’s blurb describes it, 


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These are love stories. And also monster stories. Sometimes these are monsters in their traditional guises, sometimes they wear the faces of parents, lovers, or ourselves. The often working-class people in these stories are driven to extremes by love. Sometimes, they are ruined; sometimes redeemed. All are faced with the loneliest corners of themselves and strive to find an escape.

Although there’s no word yet on individual episode directors and stars, the series already has a fine pedigree. Produced by Annapurna TV, The Neon Demon (2016) and Preacher (2016-2018) writer Mary Laws will serve as showrunner, alongside producer Lucan Toh and director Babak Anvari, both of whom worked on Under the Shadow (2016). Toh and Anvari also adapted Ballingrud’s novella The Visible Filth (2015) as the movie Wounds (2019), released by Annapurna Pictures. 

We’re still waiting to hear about release dates and other details, but we’ll share more at Nightmare on Film Street as soon as more info is announced. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite by reading two stories from North American Lake Monsters, including the title story from Weird Fiction Review and the Shirley Jackson Award winner for Best Short Story “The Monsters of Heaven” available from 

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