It has been revealed that writing has begun on Creep 3, a third film in the found-footage indie sensation film series.


Writer & Star Mark Duplass revealed via his Instagram, in a frankly adorable video that he has started writing on Creep 3. 



This isn’t the first indication that the popular found-footage franchise was due another outing. Director & co-writer Patrick Brice alluded in an interview at the end of last year that the franchise could return.

I like the idea of, if we do a third movie, it being our Army of Darkness. Ya know. Going kind of off the rails. We’ll see.


Creep first surfaced in 2014. Written by Patrick Brice & Mark Duplass, Creep tells the tale of a videographer (Patrick Brice) who answers a Craigslist ad. He is summoned to a remote cabin in the woods by Josef (Mark Duplass), who says he’s dying and wants to leave a video behind for his son. As the day goes on, Josef’s behavior gets stranger, but is he dangerous or merely an oddball? It was an under-the-radar hit, courting critical praise in its inventive genre approach for production company Blumhouse. A sequel followed in 2017.

I was a huge fan of Creep when it was released. A shoestring, indie, found-footage piece that ticked so many boxes for me. It was surreal, humorous, unnerving and eminently watchable. The same can be said for its sequel which surfaced only last year. The news that we gonna be getting some more Peachfuzz in the near future makes me a very happy camper.

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