The IT movie is killing! After already reporting $123M, the highest weekend gross of a Horror film EVER (and a whole host of other records), IT movie continues to perform into its first week. New Line and Warner Bros reportted an $8.8M yesterday. This is the highest Monday gross that the month of September has ever seen. The previous Monday high record in in September was The Sixth Sense‘s Labor Day Holiday Monday of $6.37M in 1999.

That’s not all. Deadline reports that in a matter of hours, It will be the highest grossing Stephen King movie of all-time at the domestic box office, surpassing the $136.8M take of 1999’s The Green MileTo date there’s been 33 King titles adapted to the big screen. Through four days, It has raked in $132.2M.


Estimated earnings for It’s second weekend at the box office are around $50 million, the number originally estimated for the film’s opening weekend. It will have some competition though; Darren Arronofsky’s highly anticipate MOTHER! opens this weekend.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, IT movie saw the largest September weekend opening of all time, the largest weekend opening for an R-rated film and the widest weekend release for an R-rated film. The clown-fueled blockbuster also holds the current record for largest pre-show earnings of a September release with a $13.5 million gross on Thursday alone. 

IT’s stellar performance means a lot for horror. Studios have not typically considered the genre to have major blockbuster potential. They don’t often put the care, budget, and backing behind horror titles that they do for more popular releases. There has been a notable shift lately, however. Horror saw box office success with Jordan Peele’s Get Out and David F. Sandberg’s Annabelle: Creation, two of 2017’s most profitable films.

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