Users for MoviePass have been riding quite the rollercoaster as of late. For those unfamiliar, MoviePass is a service that allows users to go see one film in the theater every day of the year for a fee of only $9.95/m. There are quite a bit of changes that have come throughout the time since its inception that have aggravated many of its users. Despite what the company states themselves, many do think that the end is nigh.

Before I get into what is happening with product, I have to state that I am a proud user. I joined in October when I moved to Columbus, Ohio. Being within walking distance of two theaters, I am in prime position to take full advantage of the service. This is definitely something I have done. During this time, it was just show up, check in, swipe the card they give you and enjoy the film. But, recent changes have soured this experience for many.


The first major change to prevent fraudulent use the card. MoviePass asked users to take a picture of the ticket stub to the movie you are seeing. The service could not be used until this step was done. They do allow select instances if the customer to loses their ticket, but sparingly. This did seem to frustrate some, but was a reasonable request for many. An e-mail recently went out though stating more changes coming. Surge pricing. This makes it an extra charge can be assessed to go see more popular films. Even some customers to pay more than it would to just buy the ticket outright.




MoviePass’ twitter has been keeping up with most updates as to when their product has gone down. Over the last couple weeks, there have been issues with MoviePass going down where customers couldn’t login, check in and use the services they were paying for. It was assured that those who paid out-of-pocket while it was down would be reimbursed. But then it got worse. The app was not showing movies. There has been no official word from MoviePass, but on twitter it stated that there needed to be an emergency funding to get back online.


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No Movies Showing up for Users


A similar problem happened again last night, where no movies showed up again. There is no word yet as to if they needed another emergency funding, but the app is back up working again. With their business model the way it is, it is hard to say how much longer MoviePass will stick around with the problems they are experiencing.

As reported today by Collider, some new changes are coming to help the company be more profitable. Actions already taken have cut the fraudulent uses down by 60%. On the horizon seems to be an increase to the standard price of $14.95 per month. This seems like it could be coming in the next 30 days. It also seems like they are going to remove the ability to see brand new movies for the first two weeks as well. There could also be more tactics to prevent abuse of the service.


Does this sound like changes that will help MoviePass? Or is this the end for MoviePass? Let us know in the comments below, on TwitterInstagramReddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!