Are you still a little bitter about being unable to attend the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal this year? Me too. But fear not, fiends because no contender rushes to festival bidding quicker than Netflix. We’ve just received news that the streaming giant has obtained Blumhouse’s technology-driven horror Cam. Our very own Jonathan Dehaan called the film as “an anxiety fueled nightmare you cannot escape.”

The initial colorful distorted poster commanded attention from the horror circuit, but Cam’s well written story, meaningful aesthetic, and grossly relevant message proved to be a big success with Fantasia’s audiences and critics, helping to secure wider distribution.

Cam focuses in on “camgirl” Alice played by Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale) on the brink of webcam pornography stardom. Her online identity Lola is everything. Her meal ticket and the fuel to her indulgent existence. That is until she comes to the terrifying realization that she’s been replaced on her web show, and Lola has a personality all of her own. 


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Alice’s replica begins to cross lines and push boundaries online that slowly cause her own life, and the people in it, to unravel. In order to regain control of her show and herself as an individual, Alice has to return to the web and confront the stranger that is her own self before Lola takes over completely. The enigmatic Samantha Robinson (The Love Witch), Melora Walters (Venom), Patch Darragh (The First Purge), and Devin Druid (13 Reasons Why) complete the hot, relevant cast of Cam.





Getting hacked would be the ultimate nightmare for most of us, am I right? All jokes and superficiality aside, Cam is a modern look at the way we portray ourselves online and the value of a person’s true identity. Whether it be an Instagram account or a full range channel streaming personal videos, who we are online is not who we are in real life. We pride ourselves on ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to remind ourselves how important we are and that high is intoxicating. Cam takes this a step further and ignites the nightmare that is our social media persona’s manifestation, and the havoc that person can wreak on our reality. It’s an uncanny portrait of an average young woman conflicted with her troubles as an online personality, the resulting troubles in her personal life, and the troubles she has within herself.

Cam is financed by powerhouse Blumhouse Productions and Gunpowder & Sky (Summer of ’84) And is produced by Divide/Conquer. Isabelle Link-Levy and Isa Mazzei penned the script and co-wrote the story with first-time director Daniel Goldhab. Link-Levy even drew inspiration for Cam from her own experiences as an online camgirl so we are assuredly going to get some true perspective on this alternative sexually-digital world.

If that is not enough to elevate streaming excitement, Cam’s praise landed it two impressive awards for Best First Feature and Best Screenplay at the Fantasia Festival, proving the young Goldhaber and substantial work of the first time writers is genre-worthy.

Although Cam’s release date has not yet been specified by Netflix, it is anticipated to be available for streaming on the platform later this fall. Try to stay grounded in reality until then! But if you find yourself consumed by digital platforms, drop us a line on Twitter, or in our Horror Group on Facebook!



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