If your idea of the perfect date meal involves things cooked to red, bloody rare, then Netflix has a Valentine’s Day gift for you. A premiere date has been announced for Season 3 of The Santa Clarita Diet, straight from Netflix in the form of a seasonally themed video.

The Netflix horror-comedy has proven to be a success over its first two seasons, serving up a meal of sharp comedy and all-out gore in a blend that has resonated with audiences. The Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as Joel and Sheila Hammond, a married pair of boring upper-middle class real estate agents who have to suddenly grapple with the fact that Sheila contracts a virus that turns her into a flesh-eating zombie. Aside from the subtle things it says about how we navigate cultural norms built up around expected lifestyles and health issues, it’s also a delightful gore-fest. The consumption of human flesh is treated with an almost loving touch, like it’s showcasing a culinary marvel. Plus Nathan Fillion gets eaten in the first episode, which should be everyone’s idea of a good Friday evening.


It’s also the project that convinced Drew Barrymore to give up doing her own stunts. In an interview with People in 2018, she discussed an incident in the filming of the first season that left her shaken. During a scene, a jump she was supposed to do went wrong and she ended up falling six feet onto her head on concrete. Two days in the hospital and numerous MRIs and CAT scans convinced her that it would be best to leave her stunt days behind her.

In order to announce the new season’s premiere date, Netflix released a Valentines Day-themed video which you can watch below:



Season 3 of The Santa Clarita Diet will premiere March 29th on Netflix.