Fans of Game of Thrones can attest to this — George R.R. Martin is kind of a movie monster in real life. He slaughters the people you hold most dear, keeps audiences in grueling suspense (when’s that next book coming out, George?), and even inspires a DIY Halloween costume or two. It seems appropriate, then, that Netflix & SyFy are teaming up with George to adapt his space-age horror story Nightflyers, originally published as a novella in the early 80’s.

According to Martin’s LiveJournal, Daniel Cerone and Jeff Buhler (whose credits include Dexter and The Midnight Meat Train respectively) are spearheading the series. Though Martin says nothing about a release date, we do know that the series will air in the US on the SyFy Channel. It will then air internationally through Netflix’s streaming service.


Martin’s original novella centers around the crew of the titular spaceship encountering an alien life form. During their investigation, the crew is beset by their ship’s evil AI, resulting in some horrific sci-fi death and destruction. In his LiveJournal, Martin clarifies that the series will deviate from the novella, but that “the essence of the story remains the same”. Martin also gives us a sneak peek at the Nightflyer itself, which you can check out here:

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Tons of room for incest! (Photo Credit

Fans may remember that Nightflyers was adapted for the screen once already, in a 1987 film of the same name. The movie had a low budget, which Martin promises will not be the case this time around. Seeing as how Game of Thrones‘s budget surpasses several million per episode, this isn’t a surprise.

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What do you think of Martin’s horror novella being adapted? Are you excited to see his brand of storytelling heading into outer space? Or are you just happy that you’ll have another intense, all-weekend bingeing session to look forward to? Sound off in the comments below!