I’m not up on the Stranger Things hype – but I have to hand it to Netflix for creating a phenomena. Part Stephen Spielberg, part Stephen King – since the first season exploded onto the platform in 2016, it’s been the hottest show not-on-television. Season 2 garnered slightly less enthusiasm, but this upside down train hasn’t been losing steam.  With a much-anticipated Third Season on the horizon, Netflix is ready to ramp up expectations.

The first big blow of Netflix’s teaser – we have a date. 2019. Sure, it’s a vague one, but be thankful it’s not 2020. Heck, 2019 is days away!


Second – we now have the titles of each and every episode in Season 3. If you’re good at connect the plots, or you have a psychic in your cellular rolodex, you’re practically holding the keys to the Upside Down! The titles: “Suzie, Do You Copy?,” “The Mall Rats,” “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard,” “The Sauna Test,” “The Source,” “The Birthday,” “The Bite” and “The Battle of Starcourt.”

Are you ready for the teaser? Here ya go!



Stranger Things Season 3 will take place two years after the previous season, in 1985. “In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues.” Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Winona Ryder, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery star in the series.

Though not much is known about the plot of the Season, we do know Starcourt Mall will play a fun part of the setting (see tweet below), and that the plot will shift away from Will. “We’re going to give Will a break,” producer Shawn Levy said in an interview. “We’re not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He’ll be dealing with stuff, but he won’t be at rock bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah [Schnapp] to play.”



Stranger Things Season 3 premieres in 2019. While you twiddle your thumbs, come and chat with other horror fiends over in our Facebook Group or Official Subreddit! You can also share your Stranger Things feelings over on Twitter or Instagram!


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