Netflix, how you spoil us! The video streaming powerhouse has just released a video highlighting all the thrills and chills it’s offering this October. Start your horror marathons early with a preview of the lineup.

With a promo clearly meant to get viewers pumped for Halloween, Netflix screens the scariest scenes over laughing children and shrieking characters. Morphing effortlessly from movie to series to movie again, Netflix created a Frankenstein’s monster of most of the flicks available and did the impossible: make the ultimate “best of” compilation, all set to the tune of a nursery rhyme.


Netflix’s extensive selection of popular features is shown off with snippets of creepy creeps, demon hunters, festival frights, and everything in between. Into blood and gore? Train to Busan and Ghoul make an appearance. Stephen King fanatic? The Shining, 1922, and Gerald’s Game are on the roster. There’s something for fans of the smarter stuff too, with titles like The Witch and It Follows. There’s something for everyone this season, including those that just want to dip a toe into the world of death and darkness; Netflix was so kind as to throw in Coraline and Supernatural too. Whatever you fancy, this October’s lineup will keep your eyes peeled and your heart racing.

But Netflix isn’t stopping there. Original content like upcoming shows The Haunting of Hill House and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will sit alongside fan favorites The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. With all these binge-worthy titles (over 50 to be exact), we’ll be glued to our couches until Thanksgiving — or Valentine’s Day, if you watch the entire collection.

Whether you use it for a night of “Netflix and Chills” or a month-long countdown to Halloween, Netflix has a movie (or show) for every taste and every tolerance level. Celebrate spooky season with Netflix, streaming now through October 31. Let us know what you’re planning on watching this Halloween season over on Twitter and the Horror Movie Fiend Club Facebook group.