Netflix just announced its May lineup of premiere dates, and there’s a little horror surprise on there. Season 3 of Slasher premieres in May! It’s been quiet on the Slasher front since October when a GIF teaser for the season was posted on Twitter along with the subtitle, Solstice.

But now, we have a premiere date. May 23rd. In less than a month, we will experience a whole new story based around a whole new Slasher with a whole new bunch victims! As far as plot goes, there’s been little to no word.


We do know what our Slasher will be called. On December 21, the day of the 2018 Winter solstice, the official Slasher Twitter posted a poster for the upcoming season, touting the question, “Who is the Druid?” along with the silhouette of the new slasher. Season 1 had The Executioner. Season 2 had the Camp Motega Killer. With season 3, we will experience the slaying styles of The Druid.



So with which solstice will Solstice be taking place? It’s safe to assume that it will be the Summer solstice as the season will be premiering a month ahead of this year’s June 21st solstice. Using a winter setting would be retreading the ground of season 2’s Guilty Party.

It’s a little exciting to think that they will incorporate – hopefully – the folklore that is behind the solstice. If it is the Summer solstice that will be experienced, that sets us up on the longest day of the year, giving us a lot of daytime stalk and slash sequences.

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Theorizing aside, Season 3 will star Robert Cormier, Baraka Rahmani, Paniz Zade, and Saad Siddiqui.

Less than a month away to prep for the Druid! For now, we can just gaze upon the neon colored glory present in the official poster for the season, and await for a trailer or more plot details. Join us on Twitter, Reddit, and The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook during the wait for the Solstice!


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