CLAP! CLAP! Fans of The Conjuring franchise will have a new installment of terror to look forward to next summer. Warner Bros. recently announced that an upcoming film set in The Conjuring universe will arrive July 3rd, 2019. While the company did not release details about exactly which film will hit the big screen, here are some ideas for what fans might expect.

First up, September 7th brings us the The Nundirected by Carey Hayes. Valak, aka The Demon Nun, (Bonnie Aarons) made her first appearance in The Conjuring 2. And since we’re already being given a new spin-off film from the original in 2018, my money is on a third installment of The Conjuring. If this is the case though, where will our adventures with The Warrens take us next?




If we were to follow Ed and Lorraine Warren’s most notable cases in chronological order, we could end up seeing adaptations of The Devil Made Me Do It Case (1981), The Snedeker House (1986), or The Smurl Haunting (1986). However, since The Conjuring 2 took many liberties with it’s content in comparison to the original case file, it’s hard to predict where the franchise may go next. We can rule out The Amityville Haunting (1976) however, since that story was partially covered at the start of The Conjuring 2. Also, director James Wan has mentioned in the past that he would not adapt that case as it had already been done many, many times.


Another strong possibility would be a new spin-off film for The Crooked Man. This creepy character, portrayed by contortionist Javier Botet, was also introduced in The Conjuring 2which brought The Warrens to London. Wan has described The Crooked Man script as being more eerily whimsical and akin to fairy tales. Also, Wan has been quoted as saying he wasn’t rushing to get the third Conjuring finished because he wants to be sure the script is a strong one. This may be evidence that we will be seeing The Crooked Man in July of 2019. 

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