Wearers beware, you’re in for a scare!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ever-popular 1990s Goosebumps series, but for those who need reminding, Goosebumps was a famous book series and television show created by one of the most successful authors of our time, R. L. Stine. This series featured many now iconic monsters, and it seems Trick or Treat Studios agrees because, as announced in their 2018 catalog, coming this Fall are two newly licensed Goosebumps masks.


Fall last year, fan-favorite Trick or Treat Studios, a company known for their high-quality Halloween masks and props, released a slew of licensed Goosebumps items to collectors everywhere. These items included latex and vacuform masks of the iconic Haunted Mask (the latex mask being a replica of that used in the 1995 TV episode and the vacuform mask modeled after the original book cover), as well as latex and vacuform masks of Slappy, the evil dummy (latex replicating the ginger-haired Slappy from the TV show and vacuform modeled after the book cover). Trick or Treat Studios also gave us a full-sized Slappy ventriloquist dummy prop and enamel pins of Slappy and the Haunted Mask.

Now Goosebumps fans will be able to add a replica of the mask from The Haunted Mask II to their collections, as well as a Jack-O’-Lantern mask from the Attack of the Jack-O’-Lanterns TV episode.

From the promo images alone, you can see that these masks are incredibly sculpted and well-detailed, so you’ll want to mark you calendars whenever Trick or Treat Studios posts the release dates. They have yet to post preorder links on their website, but these masks are definitely on the way and we’re very excited about them!

So tell us, fiends, are you a Goosebumps fan? Are you going to order these masks? If so, what Goosebumps monsters would you like to see Trick or Treat Studios tackle next year?

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