It looks New Line is trying to take the post-Labor Day weekend slot by storm – with Horror. Recently, It (2017) dragged us into the sewers post-Labor Day, and went on to be the 5th highest grossing film of the year, and the HIGHEST grossing horror film of all time. This year, New Line did it again with the fantastic (yeah, I said it) The Nun, which brought in $53.8 Million on opening week, not only making it the most financially successful film in the franchise, but it was also the film that dethroned Crazy Rich Asians from their month-long box office domination (which was also a fantastic film, I might add).

Now, the news. New Line Cinema plans to release a horror film every post-Labor Day weekend throughout 2022! *jumps with joy* Last year we had Itthis year we had The Nun, and next year we have It – Chapter Two. There are some questions as to what will be released in 2020. Recently it was announced that The Curse of La Llorona director Michael Chaves will be directing The Conjuring 3This news is great twofold. To preface, The Curse of La Llorona is being produced by James Wan’s production company Atomic Monster Productions. So this means that James Wan is confident enough to hand over the third installment from the main storyline in The Conjuring universe, AND he gains this confidence from Chaves’ work on The Curse of La Llorona–which means we have two potentially amazing James Wan produced horror films ahead of us.


While there is no date for The Conjuring 3, we still are waiting for The Crooked Man to shimmy his way into theaters, making it seem very likely that it will also be one of the post-Labor Day weekend releases. Basically this means that over the next 4 years New Line Cinema is planning on releasing a whole hell of a lot of incredible horror. Thankfully this release schedule doesn’t mean New Line is only releasing 4 horror films over the next 4 years as they are releasing The Curse of  La Llorona in April of 2019, and an untitled 3rd installment of the Annabelle films.

What do you think of New Line Cinema’s 4 year scheduled releases?


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