At last, New Mutants has graduated the George R.R. Martin School of Moving Deadlines. The horror-leaning comic book film originally was slated for a release date of April 2018, then was moved to February of 2019, then to August of 2019. Rumors even circulated that New Mutants wouldn’t make it to theaters at all, but wind up with a Hulu-only release instead. Now, we finally have confirmation from Fox studios that New Mutants will indeed be coming to a theater near you. Specifically, it will be there on April 3rd, 2020.



EW has the full story, and it is one rife with internal studio drama and uncertain futures. What began as a spinoff of the immensely popular X-Men movie franchise has become something of a thriller story in and of itself. The film, which follows a group of young super-powered individuals confronting horrors within themselves and without, met with controversy the second the first trailer came out. Some casual fans of the X-Men franchise did not appreciate the clear horror tone of the film, leading the studio to go back and forth on whether or not the film would ultimately be rated R. After that, extensive re-shoots reportedly delayed the film’s release. And on top of all of its already massive problems, New Mutants was caught in the gears of the titanic Disney/Fox merger, muddying its chances of telling a horror story under the banner of a largely family-friendly studio.


So even though the release date of New Mutants is officially decided, its destiny is anything but. Will audiences go see another X-Men film after the potentially lackluster Dark Phoenix? Has the studio changed much of the movie already through reshoots? Will people buy tickets to a movie that released its first trailer nearly two years before it actually comes out? We’ll just have to wait until April of 2020 to see.

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