Have you ever wondered how many merit points you might get for reading an article like this? If you have, then good news: we should be getting a brand new season of Black Mirror by the end of 2018, according to Forbes.

Black Mirror, Charlie Booker’s eerie anthology show about the effect of technology on human stories, has found a huge number of fans since it first debuted with an episode about a fictitious British Prime Minister having sexual relations with a pig. Yes, we know: the episode was really about the news media’s penchant for spectacle even at the expense of security and people’s lives. Regardless, the series has become one of Netflix’s hottest properties; although Netflix is fairly secretive about its statistics, critics have lavished heavy praise on the series.


Like its spiritual predecessor, The Twilight Zone, the show often relies on shocking twists in the last third of the episode to turn the viewer’s expectations completely around; unlike The Twilight Zone, though, there is much more human connection and much less camp in Black Mirror. Early favorite episodes like “White Bear” and “Fifteen Million Merits” feature disorienting shifts in narrative that mirror the similarly disorienting effect that technology has on our ideas of the near future.

Season 4 debuted on December 29th, 2017; after binge-watching the entire six episode run in a cold sweat over 48 hours, fans have naturally been impatiently waiting for word on when the fifth season might come out. Through what appears to be an accidental tweet on the @nxonnetflix account, we now have a better idea as to when that might be. The tweet, which was deleted shortly afterward, also gave us an episode title: “Bandersnatch.” A photo on Twitter from April seems to verify that this is in fact an episode title:



While there is no indication as to what the episode is about, we can make a wild, salacious, and entirely unfounded guess that it’s about Benedict Cumberbatch being slowly driven insane by an internet that steadfastly refuses to get his name right. What we do know is that this season of Black Mirror will feature the most Black Mirror-esque episode yet. In October, Bloomberg reported that Netflix is working with the showrunners to develop an interactive episode of the show. A choose-your-own-adventure episode of a show dedicated to the effect that technology has on our lives and our choices is just about the most meta thing you’re likely to ever see, so mark your calendars.

Season 5 of Black Mirror allegedly comes out December 28th, 2018. We here at Nightmare on Film Street can’t wait to plug-in, turn off, and binge. Are you excited? Tweet us, Sound off in our Subreddit, or join the conversation in the Fiend Club Facebook Group!


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