A24’s newest film, Slice, has taken a very new approach to advertising. Combining food ..and violence. The studio is no stranger to horror, with It Follows (2014), The VVitch (2016), and this year’s Hereditary (2018) under their belts.

Slice follows a pizza boy who’s murdered while out for a delivery. Afterward, the city unites to figure out who the culprit is ..and they’re not so sure it’s human. Is it werewolves? Ghosts?


Pizza horror is a fresh take, and A24 has gotten a little cheeky with their marketing. They’ve served up a new batch of posters for the film, twisting iconic pizza chain logos in Slice’s new posters. The Dominos logo now shows blood dripping out of the holes and claw marks across the Domino, while Pizza Hut’s  has a huge slash through the roof and is bleeding on the title underneath. My favorite of the three, The Little Caesars logo, shows “Little Caesar” decapitated while holding up a delicious piece of pizza.  All three posters have the tagline “Dead. In 30 mins or less.”

Austin Vesely both wrote and directed the upcoming movie. This will be his first feature-length film.  Slice stars Chance the Rapper, Zazie Beets (Deadpool 2) , Rae Gray (Dismissed) and Paul Scheer (The Disaster Artist). A release date has not been announced yet, though we did get a teaser trailer a few months back:


Official Synopsis:

In a spooky small town, when a slew of pizza delivery boys are slain on the job, two daring survivors set out to catch the culprits behind the cryptic crime spree.


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