Prep yourself for further chainsaw weilding insanity. Bloody-Disgusting has exclusively reported that a new film is set for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. This news comes more than a year after they reported that a deal was being made with Legendary Entertainment/Legendary Pictures and the original film’s writer and producer, Kim Henkel. That deal is now solid, and plans for a new film are moving ahead.

The report contains some pretty exciting details. First, a producer is behind the film, and it’s a name that we’ve all come to respect. Fede Álvarez (Evil Dead 2013, Don’t Breathe) will be producing the film! BD made it clear that Álvarez will not be directing the film, but is actively searching for the right person to get behind the camera. It is also reported that the film will possibly be a direct sequel to the original, following in the steps of the Halloween franchise.

A lot of jokes about the confusion of the Halloween franchise’s continuity have been made since the arrival of Blumhouse’s reboot. It’s safe to say that TCM’s continuity is just as if not more confusing. Each of the franchise’s sequels can be seen as direct sequels to the first as the only connection that they have is the Sawyer family, with each entry introducing new members of the family that are never seen or spoken of again. The franchise seemed to in with 1995’s TCM: The New Generation.

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Platinum Dune’s 2003 remake came, and was followed by a prequel. The rights went over to Millenium Films who released Texas Chainsaw 3D in 2013 which was billed as a direct sequel to the first film, ignoring all other entries. They then followed that with their own prequel to their direct sequel of the original with Leatherface in 2017.

Wiping the slate clean may just be the chain to the saw that the franchise needs. It worked wonders for Mr. Myers. Whatever sort of film we get out of this deal, it’s comforting to know that Álvarez is an overseer. Freddy and Jason may be in a horrible rights battle, but Leatherface has a new home with Legendary. Home is where you find your family, and as we all know, the saw is family.


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