It’s a new month! That means there are new Troma Now releases!

For those out of the loop, Troma Now is the streaming channel of legendary independent film studio Troma Entertainment, available through the VHX platform. Subscriptions cost $4.99 a month, and the first month is a free trial. Each month, Troma adds new movies and short films. Some are Troma Studios’s own products, like Toxic Avenger 3 or Return To Return To Nuke’Em High: The Return, but most are independent productions that are released by Troma films.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new for September 2017:

Slimed (2010): The sacred and the secular join forces to save the world in this horror-comedy.


Invisible Ghost (1941): Bella Lugosi loses his mind in this vintage horror movie.

Witchcraft V (1993): It’s all big hair and bad ideas in this rocksploitation film, part five of fifteen.

The Japanese Wife Next Door (2004): This one’s a softcore porno. NSFW, 18+

The Hall Monitor (1999): Who’s killing the football team? It’s up to a gun-toting hall monitor to solve the case.

Beg! (1994): A doctor at a mental hospital uncovers a nightmarish mystery while investigating her lover’s murder.

Acting Out (1978): This documentary gives everyday people the opportunity to live their sexual fantasies. Also NSFW.


Bazaar Bizarre (2004): The true crime story of Robert Bordella, the Butcher of Kansas City.

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Industrial Animals (2016): I can’t find anything about this. Be the first of your friends to see it, I guess!

Pigs (1973): This gritty horror film features mayhem, murder, and meat.

Pep Squad (1998): Small-town high school, rigged prom queen election, murder!

The Digital Prophet (1996): Also known as Cyberstalker, this sci-fi thriller offers a now-quaint view of the internet.

My pick of the month is Slimed, which looks to deliver the classic low-budget schlocky comedy I’ve come to expect from the Troma brand. What’re you looking forward to?

Troma Now! is available through the VHX platform. More information is available here.

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Promo Image for The Hall Monitor