Those of you thirsting for a new vampire movie don’t have to wait for much longer. The Shed just got a November 15th release date.

The plot follows two friends, Stan and Dommer, who, after being bullied throughout their whole lives, find a bloodthirsty vampire living in Stan’s shed. Stan wants to kill the evil creature, but Dommer has other, more sinister ideas.


According to Deadline, producers Peter Block(Saw) and Cory Neal(Hatchetsaid this about the premise of the film: “We always respond to story ideas that beg the question ‘What if?’…This time it was watching the news and seeing another senseless school shooting by a bullied teen and we wondered what if he didn’t have his Dad’s AR-15, but rather… and that’s The Shed.”

Based on this quote, Dommer may want to use the vampire as a means of revenge by unleashing it on his bullies, or let it turn him into a vampire himself so he can kill the bullies with the supernatural abilities being a vampire would give him. Either way, the film seems to have an interesting premise. Revenge stories are nothing new to the horror genre or the film industry as a whole, but the incorporation of vampires will be very interesting to see if they do indeed go this route.

The Shed (2019)will be directed by Frank Sabatella(Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) in  his second outing as a feature length director. The role of Stan will be played by Jay Jay Warren(Unintended) and the role of Dommer will be played by Cody Kostro(City on a Hill). Also starring in the film are Frank Whaley(Pulp Fiction), Sofia Happonen(Women of a Certain Age), Timothy Bottoms(Railroad to Hell: A Chinaman’s Chance), and Siobhan Fallon Hogan(Men in Black). The Shed will be released on November 15th.


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