If you’ve ever watched Night of the Living Dead (1968) and thought, “That looks fun. I wish I too could hunker down in a farmhouse and fend off attacking zombies,” you’re in for a treat! The 50th anniversary of the film is coming next year, and to mark the occasion, Night of the Living Dead is getting a VR remake!

Variety reported that Supershere, a Virtual Reality Production Company, is developing a full virtual reality experience based on the film. The company is partnering with Image Ten, the late director George Romero’s company, to bring the experience to ahem life.

“Virtual reality is incredibly stimulating and offers a whole new slate of possibilities for ‘Night of the Living Dead’ fans to engage with the world and its characters,” Image Ten’s Gary Streiner told Variety.

“’Night of the Living Dead’ is one of those films that has become a cultural touchstone; it revolutionized the horror genre and to this day it influences how we envision zombies,” shared Doug Allenstein, Supersphere partner and executive producer. “We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Image Ten to now expand that franchise to the next generation of storytelling: virtual reality.”

Fans of of the genre making zombie classic have already had plenty to to be excited about. In the lead up to the 50th anniversary, we’ve already had a new 4k restoration, a cemetery screening, and an upcoming deluxe Blu-ray release from the Criterion Collection. But it seems like 2019 will take the celebration to the next level! Because VR is uniquely suited for horror, it’s probably only a matter of time before we see plenty more genre classics get the full virtual reality treatment. Until then, fighting off some ghouls of your own sounds like a way to celebrate the anniversary of a horror classic.