Orion Pictures is back with a vengeance as news comes out about another film they are looking to produce. The most recent announcement is a remake of Night of the Comet. This sci-fi, horror comedy will be an update to the 1984 cult classic, and it’s been confirmed Roxanne Benjamin will write the film.

Benjamin was one of the writers/directors of the horror anthology film Southbound. She also directed a segment for the all female XX and was a producer for the V/H/S franchise. It should be interesting to see what her take on Night of the Comet will be.

The original is a doomsday film, set after a comet passes over the Earth and turns most everyone to dust. Two valley girls try to survive in this new world, but it isn’t easy with all the zombies around. From the report on Deadline, this update will focus more on the horror and sci-fi, having less emphasis on the comedy. There’s quite a tough act follow for the original film. The original was made on a budget under $1 million and brought back about $14 million.


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Development on Night of the Comet is still in the early stages, so there’s no casting news as of yet. The original starred Kelli Maroney, Catherine Mary Stewart and Robert Beltran. It will also be interesting to see what aspects of the story will be used in the update. I’m hoping for the montage of the girls in the department store myself. Regardless, this is some interesting information and I’m looking forward to more as it becomes available.

Night of the Comet is a part of the slate of upcoming films for Orion, which include the update to Child’s Play, The Prodigy, Gretel and Hansel and to not forget the reboot to Bill and Ted.

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