There are many sub-genres in horror genre and one has been making a come-back: the babysitter horror movie. You may know some of the classics like When a Stranger Calls or The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, but in 2017 we were treated to two pseudo-slashers in Netflix’s The Babysitter and Shudder Exclusive Better Watch Out. 2018 looks to add another film to the babysitter sub-genre with The Night Sitter from Roller Disco Massacre (fantastic name), this time with a paranormal twist. The synopsis from the production company’s successful Kickstarter reads:

A hardened thief posing as an innocent babysitter. A disturbed child whose nightmares are all too real. A mysterious room holding a dark secret. They all come together in one fateful night that sees a quiet suburban home become a gore-splattered war zone after a simple act of childish mischief accidentally summons a vengeful ancient evil. As a string of unwelcome guests become unsuspecting victims, the would-be babysitter and tormented child form an unlikely bond that might just save their lives.

The trailer does an amazing job of portraying the tone of the film, filled with grim tension. What’s better than an untrustworthy babysitter, who could be more dangerous and mysterious than the witches themselves? The Night Sitter looks promising on the production value alone, sporting dazzling cinematography and music reminiscent of Ti West’s The House of the Devil. You can find more background information about the film on their Kickstarter page, from the monsters to the production itself. The filmmakers promise great characters, creepy tone, and lots of bloody fun. The film is still seeking distribution and a release date, but from this trailer: I have a feeling it won’t have to wait along.

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The Night Sitter is written/directed by Abiel Bruhn & John Rocco (A Not So Pleasant Surprise, Just Say No) and stars horror TV alum Elyse DuFour (The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hallow, Constantine).

the night sitter poster
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