Listen up all you horror anthology lovers – we’ve got some news for you. Variety reports Nightmare Cinema is getting a full US theatrical release and will stream exclusively on Shudder in 2019. The Horror Anthology brings together five modern-day horror directors, each directing a twenty-minute short film. All the films are tied together through a wonderful “haunted house” framing device starring Mickey Rourke.

Nightmare Cinema follows a group of five people who are stranded inside a haunted movie theater. There, a character named The Projectionist (Rourke) screens five films for them, each showcasing one of their deepest fears. As the films and the framing story plays out, we will learn more about the overarching storyline of Nightmare Cinema.


The five shorts are each helmed by a genre veteran. Dead by Mick Garris. Garris has directed a ton of different episodes of television, and also films like Critters 2. He was also a writer for Halloween classic Hocus PocusThe Thing in the Woods by Alejandro Brugues; best known for Juan of the DeadMirari by Joe Dante. Dante is an absolute legend, who gave us films like Gremlins and The HowlingMashit by Ryuhei Kitamura; who previously directed The Midnight Meat Train and VersusThe Way to Egress by David Slade; who directed Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night. His entry in Nightmare Cinema is based on the short story “Traumatic Descent” by Lawrence C. Connelly.

Nightmare Cinema originally premiered at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Fest earlier this year. Like many horror anthologies, Nightmare on Film Street’s Jonathan Dehaan felt Nightmare Cinema was a bit uneven in his review, but generally enjoyed it.

There is no word yet on exactly when the film will release on theaters or on Shudder, but it will be sometime in 2019 via Cranked Up, Good Deed’s genre label (who co-produced the project). Stay tuned to our Twitter and our Horror Group on Facebook for the latest horror news and features.