Nightmare on Film Street Presents; THE FREDDY’S Horror Awards! Nominations Now Open

Horror movies have never had a very large turnout at the annual Oscars gala. Gore isn’t reserved a seat.  The answer when reporters ask “What Are you wearing?” isn’t “Someone else’s face”.

Until now.


We here at Nightmare on Film Street want to honor Horror films; the films that delve into the darker side of humanity, the freaky fantastical, and the morbidly hilarious. Enter THE FREDDY’S – HORROR AWARDS. (Consider Freddy the maniacal younger brother of the perfect, pristine Oscar) And you, the esteemed Horror Public, will be making all of the decisions.

You’ll be able to Nominate, Vote, and Recognize the gory, the depraved, and the terrifying- just like dramas and period pieces at the Academy Awards. Public Nominations are open for categories such as ‘Best Actress‘, ‘Best Cinematography‘, and ‘Best Documentary Feature‘! Help us to celebrate all things Horror in the first annual Freddy’s!

the 2017 freddy awards


Nominate your favorite horror films, creators, and more of 2017 via the nomination form below:

The Regular Nomination period open to the public from January 1st-22nd.

For full rules regarding nominations and film eligibility, please see the Freddy’s Official homebase. We encourage sharing, including our main link: to encourage all voices in our community to be heard. Thanks!


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the freddys horror awards

the freddys horror awards

the freddys horror awards

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