Trailers have once again been swirling about for The Ninth Passenger, the first feature-length film from director Ian Pfaff. While the film was completed in late 2016, a release date is still to be announced. Perhaps this latest resurgence may be a sign of impeding release? Time will tell.

The film was written by Corey Large (producer on It Follows) and Steve Albert.  The cast is chocked full of attractive young talent and stars including the never-aging Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas, John Tucker Must Die). Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher, Fido), Timothy V. Murphy (Appaloosa, Lone Ranger), and Tom Maden (Scream: The TV Series) help round out the cast of ill fated travelers.


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Here’s the official IMDB synopsis:

THE NINTH PASSENGER – A group of salacious students party aboard a luxury yacht only to turn on each other as a 9th passenger picks them off one by one.

With an intentionally vague trailer, The Ninth Passenger‘s genre is still a mystery. Is it a slasher film? A creature feature? Maybe even a sci-fi flick? There is a lot about this film that is still to be determined and we can only hope that a release date is just over the horizon. I’d hate to see this film end up…ahem…dead in the water.