After The Nun (2018) trailer was banned from the internet for being too scary our interest was peaked. But could this Conjuring prequel be scary enough to peak our subject’s heart-rate? We decided to take our equipment into the theater to find out.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Scared to Death’ or how something ‘Made My Heart Skip a Beat’, but what does that actually look like? Studies have shown that even when subjected to stimuli that can not present a true threat of danger, our bodies will still produce a physiological response. By analyzing real-time results we are able to give you the most accurate reviews for anything that makes your heart race.



For The Nun we equipped our test subject with a professional grade, hospital certified heart-monitor to record real-time measurements of her heart-rate, oxygen intake and stress levels. (FearScale reports on Heart-Rate monitoring but at times will take into account story structure, acting and plot to draw conclusions about physiological responses when compiling results)

Test Subject: Jax

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Fears: Ghosts

Resting HR: 65 bpm

Walking HR: 75-80 bpm



ANALYSIS: Our subject went into the theater having high expectations from The Nun’s terrifying trailer. This anticipation can be seen within the first few minutes from an impressive opening scene. After a ten minute lag in backstory the film took it’s grip. A heightened sense of unease throughout the middle of the film was enough to keep our subject’s heart racing above 80bpm. However, as moving shadows appeared too often, the spikes became less notable. Stress levels tended to even out as the main evil began to take center stage. One final jump scare was able to pierce the 90bpm mark but ultimately plummeted to a flat finale.

CONCLUSION:  This was one of the most consistent charts we have seen to date. The film kept it’s creepy atmosphere, hooded phantoms and jump scares rolling without too many lulls. The Nun‘s scares were effective but only when used sparingly. And even though the scares became predictable, the anticipation of wondering what’s going to happen next still lingered.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

While The Nun didn’t reach the high levels of other films we have monitored, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can rest easy when attending church on a FearScale diet because watching The Nun burns an average of 223 Calories. Compare this to two glasses of communion wine which packs your soul with 220 Calories.

The Nun: Burns an average of 223 Calories

Two Glasses of Communion Wine: 220 Calories


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