Are you a fan of really weird stuff? The creepy and the kooky? Do you think that maybe taxidermy would be a fun hobby to try? Wanna watch a lady put some hooks through her thighs and get hoisted up in the air by them? Well, I have good news – you can find all this and more at the Oddities and Curiosities Expo touring the United States in 2019! 

Founded in 2017, the Oddities and Curiosities Expo is a traveling event that showcases the strange and deranged. Take a peak:




Based on that video and the event’s website, Oddities and Curiosities Expo looks to be one part tattoo convention, one part freak show, one part haunted antique store, one part post-apocalyptic zoo, and one part whatever Rob Zombie sees when he closes his eyes and finds his happy place. In other words, a perfect blend. 

Tickets for the event are not expensive, varying by location but staying in the realm of $10 for General Admission. If you wanna shell out a big bill, though, you can get in on the TAXIDERMY CLASS. For $100, you can learn the basics of this ancient art form by practicing on a mouse cadaver.

For Lovers of the Strange & Unusual. . . the Oddities & Curiosities Expo is traveling to 16 cities across the U.S. in 2019! Our event focuses on the weird… with local and national vendors selling, well… all things weird! You can see items such as: Taxidermy, preserved wet and dry specimens, odd antiques, horror merch, original artwork, animal and human skulls/bones, jewelry made from insects/bones, plus MUCH much more. Our event also focuses on fun family friendly entertainment – we have local sideshow performers on stage and a traveling suspension team that offers live human suspension to our attendees.

Cities to look forward to:
– 1/19/19 – Albuquerque, NM
– 2/23/19 – Tulsa, OK
– 3/9/19 – San Diego, CA
– 3/30/19 – Dallas, TX
– 4/6/19 – Indianapolis, IN
– 5/11/19 – Columbus, OH
– 6/1/19 – Minneapolis, MN
– 6/29/19 – Charlotte, NC
– 7/20/19 AND 7/21/10 – Chicago, IL – 2-day event!!
– 8/3/19 – Detroit, MI
– 8/17/19 – Austin, TX
– 8/31/19 – Kansas City, MO
– 9/21/19 – New Orleans, LA
– 10/5/19 – Denver, CO
– 10/19/19 – Portland, OR
– 11/16/19 – Atlanta, GA



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