Bram Stoker created vampire lore as we know it with his 1897 masterpiece, Dracula. Now the novel is getting its first official prequel, authorized by the Stoker estate! Dracul will be written by Dacre Stoker, great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, with JD Barker serving as co-writer. It’s due to be released in 2018.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, horror movie fans can look forward to a film adaptation! Paramount picked up the rights, with none other than Andy Muschietti, director of It (2017), slated to helm! With all the positive reception for It so far, the Dracul film will certainly be something for horror fiends to look forward to.

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Dacre based his novel on what he imagines the lost section of Dracula to have been about. According to Dacre, 102 pages are missing from the first draft of Dracula, and only 17 have been found. Florence Stoker, Bram’s widow, published that section as a short story, Dracula’s Guest, in 1914.

Dacre and Barker meticulously examined the first draft of Dracula, as well as Stoker’s personal journals, and used their research as inspiration to write a new story.

The novel’s editor, Simon Taylor, descried the plot to The Guardian:

“[The novel] speculates on what Bram Stoker’s early life – he was a sickly child, often bedridden – might have been like had the creatures he later created been real. The authors have very cleverly and convincingly resurrected the tone of the original but in a modernized voice. It includes some nicely handled nods to the original novel, and like Dracula, often uses an epistolary narrative form. I think the novel works so well because it’s both a proper partner to the original Dracula – doesn’t mess with that story but honors it – while being a deliciously, blood-chillingly creepy horror novel in its own right.”

With a Stoker descendent behind the novel, and the director of the biggest horror film of the 2017 set for the film version, Dracul is sure to be one of the most exciting horror releases of 2018!