If you’re a horror fan like us, it’s safe to assume you’re a fan of Evil Dead 2. It is one of those movies that is simply essential viewing. It is also a rare horror flick that isn’t just well liked, but had a huge impact on genre and horror fandom. I’m willing to bet, if you were some awkward, horror-loving adolescent, you probably had an Evil Dead 2 t-shirt or poster in your room. Am I right? I’m right aren’t I?

In short, it’s iconic and we are so excited by the news that Hourglass Escapes has created an officially sanctioned Evil Dead 2 escape room! Coming this summer, guests will find themselves essentially living out the challenged faced by Ash, Annie and the gang. For those among you unfamiliar with the film, the very basic premise is that a group of friends find themselves trapped in a cabin in the woods full of demons hell-bent on possession. The group soon learns there’s no chance of escape.


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Well, here’s to hoping there is escape for those visiting the new escape room coming to Seattle this summer. Participants will find themselves in a room meant to simulate the Evil Dead 2 cabin. Unlike the characters in the movie, you likely won’t need to summon anything from the netherworld to get out. Instead, you will need to study the room and solve a series of clues in a certain order before time runs out. It’s group fun with participants of at least 4 and at most 14.

So, get your horror posse together, dust off your vintage Evil Dead 2 t-shirt and road trip to Seattle’s Hourglass Escapes. If it is anything like their other rooms, Tales of the Ghostly Galleon and Rise of the Mad Pharaoh, guests can expect a tough challenge, tons of detail and a fair amount of take-home swag.

For the Evil Dead fan, this ought to be one hell of a fun immersive experience. Given that it is officially sanctioned, it’s sure to be authentic as well. What a treat for horror fandom. Let us know if you plan to check it out and if you go, share your pics on social media!