Otherlife, based on the novel Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge, follows a software engineer that has developed a new “virtual reality” that manipulates how the brain perceives time. The new substance, dubbed OtherLife, allows users to experience hours of new memories in mere seconds, a-la Roy: A Live Well Lived from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Quietly released to Netflix this last weekend, Otherlife stars Jessica De Gouw (Television’s DraculaArrow) and T.J. Power (The Little DeathEat Pray Love) with directing credits going to Ben C. Lucas (Wasted on the Youth).


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Ren Amari is the driven inventor of a revolutionary new drug. OtherLife expands the brain’s sense of time and creates virtual reality directly in the user’s mind. With OtherLife, mere seconds in real life feel like hours or days of exciting adventures. As Ren and her colleagues race around the clock to launch OtherLife, the government muscles in to use the drugs as a radical solution to prison overcrowding. They will create virtual cells where criminals serve long sentences in just minutes of real time. When Ren resists, she finds herself an unwilling guinea pig trapped in a prison cell in her mind. She must escape before she descends into madness, and then regain control of OtherLife before others suffer the same fate.

The film currently holds a 73% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.5/10 on IMDB. Have you seen Otherlife? What did you think of the stylish Australian Sci-Fi? Let us know in the comments below!