It isn’t easy to claim your own unique voice in horror, but recent years have seen quite an uptick in new genre talent. Jennifer Kent creeped us out with The Babadook in 2014, David Robert Mitchell came up behind us in 2015 with It Follows, and Robert Eggers burned our nerves at the stake the following year with The Witch. Amidst the hype of those three game-changers was a little film called The Blackcoat’s Daughter (initially known as February), which was quietly released in February of 2017 after making festival rounds for over a year. It garnered a little bit of buzz, but never reached the fever pitch generated by the other three.

Nevertheless, it was clear that the director of that film had a unique vision. His name is Osgood Perkins, and he is the son of Psycho‘s Anthony Perkins so horror cred is literally coursing through his veins. Having dipped his toes into the acting pool a handful of times (his most iconic role obviously being the awkward student Reese Witherspoon meets on her first day at Harvard in Legally Blonde), it looks like he’s officially set his sights on a directing career.


head full of ghosts

After The Blackcoat’s Daughter he made another low-key chiller, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House for Netflix. And now, Deadline reports that he’s set to adapt the horror novel A Head Full of Ghosts for Focus Features. The book, written by Paul Tremblay, follows:

An American family under strain when their fourteen-year-old daughter, Marjorie Barrett, exhibits signs of mental illness. Once the born again Catholic patriarch decides to have an exorcism performed on the girl, the clan becomes the subject of a popular reality TV show (called “Possession”) which tears them apart further.

Sounds like some interesting new territory for Perkins to explore. The screenplay for A Head Full of Ghosts was written by Super Dark Times scribes Luke Piotrowski and Ben Collins, with revisions being made by Perkins.

What are your thoughts on Osgood Perkins’ films so far? Are you all excited for this, or would you rather he make a Legally Blonde prequel focused on his character? Sound off in the comments below!