Here at Nightmare on Film Street, we have been and will continue to celebrate found footage throughout the month. It was just yesterday that I was thinking and hoping that some sort of neat news would occur that would coincide with the theme. They say if you put things out into the universe then the universe will answer. And answer it did!

Deadline has reported that a new Paranormal Activity is in the works! The news comes out of CineEurope where Paramount was teasing and boosting their upcoming films. Paramount’s Studio Chariman and CEO, Jim Gianopulos, spoke the news during their presentation.

The only detail that Gianopulos had is that they were definitely teaming up with horror powerhouse Jason Blum and Blumhouse, who brought the Paranormal Activity world to us with the previous 6 films of the franchise, and that a new, 7th film is currently in development. There was no mention of who will be directing or writing.


What does this mean for the franchise? We will pick back up with Katie’s abduction of Wyatt from Paranormal Activity 4, and totally ignore the radical left turn that Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension took? Or has too much time passed for any of that to take place?

Truth be told, a total reboot of the franchise may be what is needed: a new haunting, new characters, and no more Toby or Katie. The first Paranormal Activity is still incredibly effective. A new film adding fresh haunting shenanigans to the franchise’s bare bones formula could be extremely effective. Perhaps a mention of what happened with Katie would be nice, or a little easter egg involving Toby and her story would suffice.


Nevertheless, no need in getting ahead of ourselves. Paranormal Activity is returning. Blumhouse is producing. We are bound to get an entertaining haunting out of it.


Are you reading for some more activity of the paranormal variety? Would you prefer a new story or a continuation of the previous films? Let us know over on our Twitter, our subreddit, and The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.

And be sure to tune in to the NoFS Podcast this week as Jon and Kim will be discussing the first Paranormal Activity!

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