Paramount’s new film Monster Problems, which was originally slotted to be released in early March, now has a mid-April release date, according to Deadline. Those in need of a new post apocalyptic film will have to wait just a little bit longer than expected for this one. The reason for this push back is currently unknown, but IMDb lists this movie as being in post-production, so there might have been re-shoots needed or editing issues. Whatever the reason, movie-goers who have been anticipating this film will have to wait six more weeks before it finally hits theaters.

For those who are hearing about this film for the first time, the film follows Joel Dawson as he learns to survive the Monster Apocalypse from his mentor Clyde as he seeks the girl he is in love with. While not much else is known about the plot and we don’t have a trailer yet, this film is listed as a horror comedy, so fans of movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead might have something to look forward to with this new post-apocalyptic comedy. Clyde and Joel Dawson might have a similar dynamic to Columbus and Tallahassee from the former film, or the director and screenwriters might take the skilled survivor/bumbling idiot relationship dynamic in a different dynamic. Either way, it will be fun to see how these two characters interact with one another in the film.


The film will be directed by Michael Matthews(Five Fingers for Marseilles) as his second feature length film. The movie stars Michael Rooker(Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) as Clyde and Dylan O’Brien(The Maze Runner) as Joel Dawson. Also starring are Ariana Greenblatt(Avengers: Infinity War) and Jessica Henwick(Game of Thrones). The movie is now to be released April 17th, 2020.


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MONSTER PROBLEMS director Michael Matthews