Mermaids are starting to make some serious waves (oh my God – I’m sorry) in the horror genre. There are several mermaid films that have either hit screens in the last few years or are releasing soon, and you can add another “coming soon” film to the sub-genre: Rolling in the Deep, based on the 2015 novel by Mira Grant. Rolling in the Deep has added a director, indicating that production is starting to ramp up on the mermaid thriller.

Mary Lambert, who is best known for directing the 1989 version of Pet Semataryis reportedly attached to direct Rolling in the DeepVariety writes that Lambert has signed on to the project, which is coming from Branded Pictures Entertainment. Sean Hood, who wrote films like Halloween: Resurrection and Masters of Horror: Sick Girl, will be writing the screenplay adaptation from the novel.


Rolling in the Deep tells the story of a film crew who is sent to film a fake documentary about mermaids near the Mariana Trench. Of course, the subjects they are mocking show up, and sailors and crew members start to get picked off by the monstrous creatures. They soon have to fight for survival against the marine creatures.

Mira Grant is a pseudonym for writer Seanan McGuire, who has written a number of other fantasy and horror novels. She also has some comic experience under her belt, currently working with Marvel on both Spider-Gwen and X-Men.

Lambert spoke about what drew her to the film, stating, “Rolling in the Deep is a film led by complicated badass female characters. I’ve been waiting to make a film like this my entire career. Our mermaids are not cliché sugary cartoon princesses; they will take you down if you stand in their way.”

The book also has a sequel ripe for the picking if the first film does well. Production on Rolling in the Deep is scheduled to begin in 2019.

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