Stephen King is once again a Hollywood darling. IT rocked theaters last fall. Gerald’s Game and 1922 are raking in numbers on Netflix. You might say that when it comes to Hollywood Horror, Stephen is…Master? Lord? I don’t know, there’s probably a better analogy there. Whatever he is, Paramount Pictures wants in on his success. According to Omega Underground, their attempt to get it starts in a month, when their remake of Pet Sematary starts shooting.

Pet Sematary follows a family who discovers that they live near land that holds power over life and death. When one of the family members dies, the family tries to harness that power. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go well for the family.



pet sematary remake


The Sematary remake was announced by Variety in October of last year. Since then, we’ve found out that Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer will direct the film. Jeff Buhler and David Kajganich will write the script. (Kajganich recently worked on a show we’re all pretty excited about here at NOFS, The Terror.) Up until now, we haven’t heard any casting rumors. However, the Omega Underground article does give us a few more details about filming. For instance, it looks like the shooting will take place in Toronto. Also according to OU, the film is set for release April 19th, 2019. In other words, fans of Stephen King adaptations should be excited. A long list of attractions just got longer.

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PS — Did you honestly think we’d write a Pet Sematary article without including the old trailer? C’mon now, you know us better than that.