Chucky, the Good Guy Doll, may be your friend till the end, but a whole new beginning is underway for the venerable Child’s Play franchise. It was announced yesterday that principal photography has begun on a reboot of the series featuring Chucky, a doll possessed by the soul of murderer. Seven chapters later, the series is getting reworked in typical Hollywood fashion with an up-and-coming European director, a couple of fresh-faced acting talents, and a new spin on an established formula.

The original 1988 movie featured Catherine Hicks as overworked single mom Karen Barclay, who gives her son Andy, played by Alex Vincent, a Good Guy Doll for his birthday. Chris Sarandon played the police detective that connects the supposedly dead serial killer Charles Lee Ray, played by Brad Dourif, to a new spree of murders around little Andy.

For the reboot, Aubrey Plaza of Legion and Parks and Rec fame will play the mom, and Brian Tyree Henrey, Paper Boi on Atlanta and the villain of Steve McQueen’s upcoming Widows, will play the detective. Lights Out‘s Gabriel Bateman will play the boy gifted – and cursed – by a new Chucky which you can get a sneak peak of below!


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The plot synopsis describes the film as follow:

Child’s Play follows a mother (Plaza) who gives her son (Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.”

That “sinister nature” mentioned is the new twist on Chucky. Forget voodoo and the soul of a serial killer because this Chucky‘s murderous nature is expected be the byproduct of an A.I. that goes haywire when a factory worker hacks into the doll, though details are still up-in-the-air. Assuming this is how things will shake out, it sounds like this Child’s Play will be more Westworld than 80s slasher thriller. There may also be a Stranger Things spin with a group of kids being sucked in to the mysteries of A.I. Chucky and his murderous impulses.

Lars Klevberg of Polaroid (the short and the upcoming feature) fame is directing the film from a script by Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury 2). David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are producing. For you fans of original recipe Chucky, franchise creator and overseer Don Mancini is producing a Child’s Play TV series featuring Dourif as the voice of Chucky.

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