Welcome to Nightmare on Film Street’s Enchantment Under The Sea Dance! (Which is to stay that we’re talking about prom horror on this week’s episode of the show) And without further ado, it is my honor to announce this year’s Prom King…..A psychopathic stalker and recent prison escapee, best known for his role in 2008’s Prom Night remake. And of course, the moment you all been waiting for- this year’s Prom Queen is *drumroll* oh my, this is a surprise! Why it’s that telekinetic girl you now and love (to bully), 2013’s Carrie! (It’s another big week of recommendations at the top of the show – film discussion begins at 14:01). Don’t forget to enter The Nightmare on Prom Street Giveaway HERE, and be sure to check out E3W’s filmed immersive theatre show Where The Others Are available on-demand beginning May 22.

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May 21, 2020


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[Podcast] A Night To Remember...Again! PROM NIGHT (2008) vs CARRIE (2013)