Home is where the horror is this month at Nightmare on Film Street. Join Kim and Jon as they kick-off their month-long celebration of Domestic Horror with two understated (and underrated) found footage films that bring the devil right to your doorstep. First up, we take a trip into the quiet countryside to visit a sweet old lady who may be losing her spirit to dark forces as quickly as she is losing her mind to natural causes in The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014). Following that up, it’s your classic battle between good and evil that finds a cynical preacher man pulled in for one last job to save the soul of a young woman in The Last Exorcism (2010). So say your prayers, take your meds, and join us for another full-length ramble about the horrors that strike in the one place we are supposed to feel safe…

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We’ve finally made out way back home after an amazing Halloween trip that brought us to film festivals, theme parks, and friends! Hear us talk longing of our days on the road, and the harrowing tale of how Kim and Jon very nearly peed their pants at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights!


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Hitting theatres this week is Doctor Sleep, directed by Mike Flanagan who recently took the time to talk Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King with us. ahead of the film’s theatrical premiere. Click HERE to read the full review and be sure to check your local listing and let us know what you thought of each film on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook!

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November 7th, 2019


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