Take a stroll down NIGHTMARE ALLEY, the scary little side street between regularly scheduled episodes of the Nightmare on Film Street horror podcast! This week, your hosts Kim and Jon are joined by writers, directors, and producers of viral cult horror ANTRUM; David Amito and Michael Laicini! Dubbed ‘The Deadliest Film Ever Made’, Antrum blurs the lines between mockumentary/found footage and immersive horror experience. Viewers must make it past a weighty warning implying a death curse might just follow them home after bearing witness to ‘Antrum‘, a satanic film resurfaced from the 1970s. Our guests this week will lift the curtain and share with NoFS how Antrum was conceived, how it’s been received, and now- how it seems to be taking on a life of its own!  Join ussss…

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May 27th, 2020


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