Ready for another urban legend flick? The mysterious story of Polybius, an arcade cabinet that was allegedly used as a government experiment in several Oregon arcades, is releasing soon as a short film. It is written and directed by Jimmy Kelly, and a new trailer from Fight On Entertainment introduces us to a neon and synth world of sci-fi mystery.

Classic character actor Tom Atkins will star in Polybius as Sheriff Atkins, and you can see him in action in the new trailer here:




Here’s how the legend goes: Polybius was an arcade machine that supposedly popped up in several Portland, Oregon arcades in the 1980s. The game was so advanced that it addicted those who played it, also causing numerous nasty side effects like hallucinations, amnesia, and night terrors. In addition, men dressed in black suits would reportedly visit the machines to collect data.

After a month of standing in the arcades, Polybius machines were removed and never seen again. Every now and again, a new story crops up about someone who played the game, or a developer who claims to have worked on it. There’s no definitive proof on whether or not Polybius actually existed.

The film looks to play on the mystery surrounding the game: a girl named Jennifer sees her brother lose his mind because of the new Polybius machine. Working with the town sheriff, they attempt to discover the truth about the machine before it causes more damage.

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Director Jimmy Kelly has directed a few different short films, and also directed the feature film In Critical Condition. Star Tom Atkins has been in a slew of classic horror roles, including appearances in Halloween III: Season of the WitchThe Fog, and Creepshow.

We don’t have a ton of details on Polybius yet, but it is expected to release sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to our Twitter, the official NOFS subreddit, and our Horror Group on Facebook for more on Polybius and other indie horror.