Sometimes in life, simple is better. Coming out of Toronto After Dark, Poor Agnes has been met with much acclaim winning Best Canadian Film and a short 95 second was all it needed to prove why. Indie-horror director Navin Ramaswaran is back with another film following up 2016’s delightfully strange Late Night Double Feature, doing a complete 180, bringing a very serious cat-and-mouse film to the table.

The synopsis for Poor Agnes on IMDB is also simple and to-the-point:


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A serial killer and her next victim form an unexpected relationship.

The trailer appears to be a scene from the film, with the assumed titular character instructing her victim to stab himself. Very short & sweet, the scene is filled to the brim with tension and fantastic acting from Lora Burke (who also received positive attention from critics). The trailer sucked me in with its atmosphere and did a wonderful job of leaving me wanting more, especially more information on our anti-hero Agnes.

Another thing that got me hyped for the film was the director’s excitement. Ramaswaran did a series of vlogs from on-set of the film, which you can check out here if the trailer wasn’t enough for you. He’s done a lot of promotion himself, which is rare to see from directors these days. It definitely shows that he wants people to hear his story, which I hope comes through in the film.

So even though the trailer doesn’t give much details about the film, it’s the perfect tease. There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Poor Agnes. I’m excited for what looks to be a great performance and a subversion of the capture/captive relationship, similar to a film like The Eyes of My Mother. No official date has been given to the film, but with it creating lots of buzz on the festival circuit, expect a 2018 release date for Poor Agnes real soon.