It’s possible that a new Gremlins could be in the works! Talk has been circling that a long awaited third installment to Gremlins (1984) and it’s sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), is currently on the forefront for Gremlins creator, Chris Columbus. With a completed script in hand, Columbus is hoping to see the series come back with a darker approach.

This marks 27 years since the last time we saw the antics of the mean and green Gremlins take over our movie theaters. In Gremlins, young Billy is given a strange new pet for Christmas; a Mogwai. This Mogwai comes with a special set of unique rules to follow. And of course, Billy mistakenly breaks these rules resulting in little, green monsters terrorizing his hometown. In Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Billy is reunited with Gizmo just long enough for the same thing to happen again. This time, it’s a much bigger scale. The creatures takeover a major broadcasting network building in the middle of Manhattan.


In an interview last month with Slash film, Chris Columbus went over the details of the completed script for a third Gremlins film.

It is as twisted and dark as anything, so we’ll see. It’s always a budgetary conversation when we’re going to shoot it. I wanted to go back to the really twisted sensibility of the first movie. I found that was a very easy place for me to fall back into and start writing again so hopefully we’ll see that movie soon.

A more ethical question will be had this time around, returning to a more macabre style that the original played with. After seeing the chaos that comes from getting our favorite Mogwai wet and feeding the troublesome spawn after midnight, should they kill off Gizmo? Now, we’re all thinking the same thing: ‘Gizmo did nothing wrong, those careless people resulted in the Gremlins havoc!‘ That is what Columbus hopes to bring to the table for the next film’s characters and audience. Is Gizmo worth the risk? A lot of lives were lost during the running time of both films. Either on or off screen, we are given detail as to all the people affected by the negligence of the protagonists. The ethical issue of Gizmo being the possible last Mogwai and his destruction could be some juicy storytelling.

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In bringing the Gremlins into the new millennium, questions of whether the film would retain the puppetry of the originals or rely on CGI effects. In modern day storytelling, the majority of films utilise CGI for their visual effects. This too comes with the risk of making the scares or creatures less effective. Columbus has confirmed that they would continue the practical effects of past but admits that CGI would have it’s use.

Oh, without a doubt, minimal CGI, CGI will enable us to remove wires and make the puppeteers lives a little easier. It was brutal. It was like a marathon every night for those guys…  It was just hellish for those guys so CGI will simplify that a little bit but it’s all puppets.

That’s not the only loveably, spooky sign that we could see more of Gizmo and the antics of the Gremlins; A possible reboot was pitched by writer Max Landis (Chronicle, Victor Frankenstein). During a discussion on Talkhouse Film Podcast with Joe Dante (the director of Gremlins), Landis pitched his reboot to Gremlins. His idea proposed that the new iteration of the creatures be shot as a found footage film..

In this variation, we would move away from the original story of youngster Billy receiving a Mogwai for Christmas. There would be no resulting town’s holiday plight. This new film would circle around a young girl receiving TWO Mogwai for the holidays. Two that don’t get along. The first act, told by Landis, would play out Youtube-style; we’d follow the cuddly animals. Eventually, the creatures they inevitably create would takeover the camera for the final act. You can see the excerpt from the discussion and Landis’ exciting pitch below:

So, should we expect Gremlins 3 anytime soon? I wouldn’t line up at the box office just yet. The third installment is currently ‘In Development’ at Warner Brothers.. But how in development it is, only time will tell.

In the meantime, Joe Dante is currently working on Horror Anthology Nightmare Cinema.

Could we see the Gremlins take over again in modern day film? How do you feel about seeing a more dark and disturbing story seeing Gizmo seen as a loose end, needing to be taken care of? What way would you like to see these mischief makers return? Continue the conversation online and in the comments.