The hype and anticipation surrounding David Gordon Green’s Halloween is reaching a fever pitch. The second trailer for the film likely will have graced your computer screens. Multiple times in fact, if you’re anything like me. Now, if you’d like to show your love for the Halloween franchise properly, the fine folks over at Fright Rags have a surprise for you!

The horror shirt professionals recently dropped a wicked teaser on Twitter regarding the beloved franchise. You can now pre-order 5 new Halloween  shirts! Three of the shirts feature the upcoming Gordon Green film, while the other two cover the John Carpenter 1979 original! These aren’t your ordinary shirts, either. One of them, featuring Laurie Strode hiding from The Shape, glows in the dark! Another features the iconic first-tease poster for the upcoming Halloween. Perhaps my favorite of the bunch features Michael, Laurie, and the awesome “You don’t believe in the boogeyman? You should” quote!





Needless to say, Fright Rags has Halloween fans covered (no pun intended) this year. Even better yet, these releases mark only the beginning. The “Month of Myers” promotion will see the release of new merchandise every week of October!

If you’re not a fan of Michael Myers, fear not. Fright Rags’ collection of horror shirts spans the genre far and wide, from Chucky to Killer Klowns! In addition to killer t-shirts, they also sell hoodies, baseball tee’s, tank-tops, and several other styles. Head on over to their official site and check out their merchandise. Also, give them a follow on Twitter to stay on top of new releases, especially during this wonderful time of year. You can follow us here at Nightmare on Film Street for any new releases as well!

David Gordon Green’s Halloween hits theatres October 19th. Will you be stocking up on Halloween merch for October?