Prepare to Be Infected: ‘Dead Exposure: Patient Zero’ to Haunt Universal’s HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 2018

Hope you’ve had your vaccinations, boils and ghouls! Orlando’s Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights announced a new house for it’s 2018 season. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero is the second house that has been revealed for Halloween Horror Nights 28. (Previously Universal announced fans will be plunged into The Upside Down with it’s Stranger Things house).

The video begins with a retro-looking “HHN Special Report” in the form of a breaking news bulletin. We see scientists and the quarantined along with glimpses of blood-stained eyes. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero has been described by Universal as having “hordes of vicious, flesh-eating undead” shuffling through the streets of Paris in 1982. According to the HHN website, thrill-seekers will enter in total darkness as the zombies surround and attack them from every angle.

Dead Exposure: Patient Zero is a sequel to it’s predecessor, Dead Exposure, from 2008. In the original house the only light came from camera flashes built into the storyline. However, things are a little different in the latest story. Those unaffected by the contagion receive a vaccine that prevents them from turning into one of the un-dead. The only problem is that the vaccine causes blindness. This leaves guests wandering through the darkness with the words, “They will find you” lingering in their heads.

As someone who has been to a Halloween Horror Nights event, I can tell you that the houses are well done and full of frights! The original Dead Exposure is known as a fan favorite, so time will tell if Universal can pull off the same amount of scares this year.

Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 28 will run select night from September 14th through November 3rd, 2018.

What do you think of the house reveal? Will the fear infect you this fall? Let us know…


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