Get ready to preview the haunting score to the highly anticipated adaptation on Stephen King’s IT, hitting theatres September 8th. The tracks, “Pennywise’s Tower” and “You’ll Float Too”, are composed by Benjamin Wallfisch, who had this to say to EW:

Every now and again, you come across a movie where the storytelling is so powerful, the subtext so visceral, the synergy between director, narrative and actors so palpable, that as a composer you can feel the music being energized by something so much bigger than what’s just on the screen. Creating a score to tell the story of a shapeshifting antagonist of unimaginable evil that can only be defeated when a group of individuals come together as one required metamorphic themes, extremes of sonic irreverence and heartfelt quiet, and, most importantly, a musical language that strived to be constantly informed by the profound emotional truth driving the heartbeat of the filmmaking.

Jaeden Lieberher, Nicholas Hamilton, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Sophia Lillis star with Bill Skarsgard, portraying Pennywise. Andrés Muschietti directs.

The CD and digital release of the score is September 8th, and you can pre-order it here. Special edition Vinyl due to come out October 27th.

Here’s the complete 38-song tracklist:

1. Every 27 Years*+
2. Paper Boat*+
3. Georgie, Meet Pennywise*+
4. Derry*+
5. River Chase*+
6. Egg Boy*
7. Beverly*+
8. Come Join The Clown, Eds*
9. You’ll Float Too*
10. Shape Shifter
11. Hockstetter Attack
12. Haircut
13. Derry History
14. January Embers
15. Saving Mike
16. This Is Not A Dream
17. Slideshow*
18. Georgie’s Theme*
19. He Didn’t Stutter Once
20. 29 Neibolt Street*+
21. Time To Float*+
22. It’s What It Wants
23. You’ll Die If You Try*
24. Return to Neibolt*+
25. Into The Well*+
26. Pennywise’s Tower*+
27. Deadlights*
28. Searching For Stanley*
29. Saving Beverly*
30. Georgie Found*+
31. Transformation*+
32. Feed On Your Fear*+
33. Welcome To The Losers Club*+
34. Yellow Raincoat*+
35. Blood Oath*+
36. Kiss*+
37. Every 27 Years (reprise)*
38. Epilogue — The Pennywise Dance*