It’s Friday night. You’re tired, bored, lazy. Don’t feel down – it’s the cheeto-inducing rut we all tend to find ourselves in during the lazy winter months. Why not skirt away the boredom (for 2-6 minutes) by taking this highly illogical, mostly irrelivant, quiz?

I thought so.

Through painstaking efforts, we’ve analysed the psychological profiles of some of Hollywood’s most dastardly horror villains. By completing the following deep-diving questions openly, and honestly – you could see a glimmer into your true, evil, self.


Okay. We know that’s not true. But – if you ever wanted to know Which Iconic Horror Movie Villain you’re most like, now’s your shot. All you have to do is answer a couple simple questions, and we’ll shoot you our top pick!

Go on now, take the quiz! Which Iconic Horror Movie Villain Are You?



Let us know your results in the comments below, or start a discussion over in our Facebook Group! And, if we didn’t get it right on the first go-around, you can always cheat and take it again!

And lastly – to keep the recommendations coming – try our other quiz, What Horror Movie should you watch tonight?


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